About us
The Beehive has always been a place where we connect our love of Rome and our own personal passions and interests with our guests and our community. We host monthly storytelling evenings, vegetarian meals and cooking classes. Our space is a meeting point for local entrepreneurs and community groups. In-house we use only ecological cleaning supplies and recycled paper products and we're committed to supporting all things organic & local when possible - from the ingredients we use in our cafe to the bath products we have made for us to the way we decorate with many pieces made from reclaimed wood. There has never been a design concept, just years of a lovingly put together mixture of various elements that are meaningful to us.
Articles and Podcasts
If you want to get to know us a little better, the following is a list of interviews and podcasts we've done in the past few years, with information and insight into moving to, and living in, Rome & Orvieto, as well as our experience of opening a business and raising third-culture kids.