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My favorite sandwich shop near The Beehive

By Steve Brenner For your typical Italian, a sandwich looks something like this:  a dry roll (called a rosetta) with one thing in it – like mortadella. For variety, it might be prosciutto or salami instead of mortadella.  Maybe it … Continue reading

7 November 2014

Availability calendars and why we don’t have one

If you tried to look up availability on our website and couldn’t find the calendar – it’s not hidden away somewhere – we just don’t have one.  I know, I know – that makes us seem like a dinosaur in … Continue reading

29 September 2014

To dorm or not to dorm – some Beehive tips

Back in 1999 when we started The Beehive, we were strictly a hostel with dormitory rooms and bunk beds.  Soon after, because of demand and our own desire to expand, we added private rooms.  In 2002 when we moved to … Continue reading