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HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Matt, Erin, Sabrina & Sally

Small world moments.  A mother & daughter run into a brother & sister at our reception and realize they had all met a few weeks ago on the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Emma & Bianca

Bianca is a Puerto Rican sociologist who converted to Judaism when she married Emma, who is also a sociologist and happens to be an identical twin.  They were married a year ago and are here on their anniversary.  Here we … Continue reading

19 May 2017

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Thijs & Susan

More love – this time from this brother and sister team from Holland.  It’s not very common to find brothers and sisters traveling together, and even rarer to see them enjoying each other’s company so much.  There’s something special about siblings who … Continue reading

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Jamie & Caitlin

There are cute couples, and there are Cute Couples.  Prepare to rethink how you measure up compared to these two! Bonus video:

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Matt & Robin

Matt & Robin’s last time in Rome was 22 years ago during a trip when he proposed to her.  They tell Steve about the unusual circumstances of how they met.

3 February 2017

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Ambreen

Ambreen, a Pakistani -American physics teacher currently living in Barcelona talks to Steve about the dangerous world of teaching in the USA.

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Natalie

Wise-beyond-her-years Natalie and Steve talk about “Between the World and Me” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, how much they relate to a certain passage about the author’s first time to Paris and how it changed him.

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Sean

Sean makes Steve laugh as they talk about Airbnb hosts who have no clue what they’re doing – him included!

Cooking classes in Rome at The Beehive

“You offer cooking classes??”  Several friends I’ve talked to recently have been surprised by this which made me realize that we don’t do a very good job sometimes marketing the things we offer at The Beehive.  Besides having guest chefs … Continue reading

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Federico

Federico is the kind of guy that I could talk to for days.  He came into The Beehive when Linda and I were at reception and immediately introduced himself and exuded a unique open friendliness that you can feel he extends … Continue reading

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Dana

Dana, a “Syrian Princess”, tells Steve about the nicest, most gentlemanly taxi driver she has ever encountered  (whose number is available in private for anyone who wants it…..)

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Soo Lim

People frequently surprise Steve, but when Soo Lim told him that she “has a birthday every year, but doesn’t always get older”, it kind of blew his mind.

HostelLife: Conversations with guests – Yanni, Lola & Alina

This past Easter, Steve chatted with these three warm and friendly Indonesian guests about the Pope, pasta and the fact that they are 3 strangers traveling together.

HostelLife: The Beehive family – Yuli Novita

  The Beehive wouldn’t be The Beehive without our beloved manager, Yuli Novita.  She’s been with us almost since the very beginning and is an integral part of every aspect of our daily operations.  No job is too big or … Continue reading

21 March 2016