6 January 2012

Getting to The Beehive from Fiumicino Airport by train – step by step

Updated 18 December 2014

The Beehive is conveniently located to Termini train station, but we often forget that many of our guests don’t have any idea just how close.  In addition, visitors unfamiliar with the area or train travel in general may find using the train and the arrival a bit intimidating – Termini is a large, loud and chaotic mess even for those of us who are used to it.

A few summers ago, my then 11 year old daughter, Giulia, showed how painless it can be to take the train in the opposite direction – from Termini to the airport, and essentially, you just need to do it in reverse to get to The Beehive.  In this post, I hope to show you how fairly straightforward it is to get from Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) airport to Rome’s Termini train station on the Leonardo Express airport train to a friendly face at The Beehive.  (Arrivals from Ciampino airport will be another post).

From FCO the first train now departs at 6:23am every 30 minutes, but there are periods of the day when the train leaves every 15 minutes.  Last train to Termini is at 23:23/11:23pm.

From the baggage claim at Fiumicino you want to follow the signs to the trains. To trains sign at FCO

It does take about a 10-15 minute walk (depending on your baggage situation), and several escalator rides to get you to the train departure point.  When you arrive, you’ll have several options to purchasing a ticket – ticket offices, tobacco shop or self-service machines.  My suggestion would be to use the self-service machines.


The machines are multi-lingual, quick and easy to use, you don’t pay an additional service charge like you do at the ticket offices and you usually don’t have to wait or wait very long to use one.  It accepts credit cards (with chip and with PIN) as well as cash in euro.  The price is €14 each for a one way ticket.  Please remember to stamp your ticket at these green and white ticket validation machines before boarding the train.  They do control tickets on the train and you will be fined €50 if it’s not stamped.

The journey from Fiumicino to Rome’s central train station Termini takes 30 minutes.  The train USUALLY arrives at Platform 24 if you are lucky which is close to the main gallery, but sometimes it does disembark at Platform VERY FAR AWAY so note that this can change at the whims of Trenitalia.  If you are at the far away platforms, please note you’ll need to walk for about 10 minutes or so to the main gallery.  Do not take stairs or escalators leading down to the basement.

If you are lucky and get off at Platform 24, you’ll see this sign for the binario (track) number 24 and a slight ramp which leads you into the arrival/departure hall.


You want to continue going straight – passing the hall and into the main gallery which is full of advertising and many shops.


The station has 3 main entrances/exits, and with the train tracks behind you, take the exit to your right which is the furthest exit from Platform 24.  So walk confidently towards that exit – you’ll pass many tempting little shops which continuously change, but in either case you might be inclined to have a little break on your way to The Beehive.

***Unfortunately, thieves heavily target Termini train station.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep an eye on your belongings and do not allow anyone to help you with your luggage or if you are alone – to try to distract you from your belongings by offering to help you while another team member opens up your purse or backpack.  Ladies, please do not have totes (unless they are zippered) or other open bags with you in Rome.***

When you arrive at the large open exit – across the street you’ll see on the left corner a book shop called Don Bosco and on the right corner Bar Trombetta.  IMG_7436


With the station exit behind you, continue walking straight ahead on the Don Bosco side of the street.  This is our street – via Marghera.  You can see the street name on the Don Bosco building.

The walk is only 2 blocks, about 5 minutes from this exit.


It’s a non-eventful walk and soon you will arrive to this corner where there is large yellow building with a yellow wall.  Behind that yellow wall with the trees and vines is The Beehive – you are almost there!


Cross the street and soon afterward, you’ll notice on your left a silver door, our sign and the #8.


Press the buzzer on the wall to your right, soon you’ll hear a click – push open the door and there in front of you are our colorful wooden fish and our Welcome sign.

Up a couple of steps and through the door and you’ll be cheerfully greeted by our manager Yuli (pictured here) or one of our other friendly faces – Francesca or Steve.


After you’ve done it one time, you’ll see how easy it is to get from the station to The Beehive, your home away from home in Rome.

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Joe Alex says...

Thanks for the article, it’s really useful to see the journey in pictures.

I stayed quite near you on my last visit to Rome. The problem I had was it was late at night, so the trains were no longer running. I ended up using a private car company to bring me from the airport, and it was so handy. I used these people: http://www.limotoursrome.com/rome-transfers-tours/rome-airport-transfers/

About the same price as a taxi in the end. Would recommend.

patricia cosgrove says...

Thanks…very helpful. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday perhaps around 3PM or a little earlier. This article has been very helpful

Linda says...

Thanks Patricia, I’m glad you found the post useful. We look forward to your arrival tomorrow.

Michael says...

Hi there. I’m arriving on Thursday with my daughter and we are looking forward.
Unfortunately some of the picture at this side are not available. But I’m sure, we will find you. 😉

Linda says...

Hi Michael, thanks for mentioning – the original post was done on a different platform that recently when out of business so some of the photos are now missing. I don’t know what happened to the originals so I will probably have to retake the photos, but if you follow our written directions also, I don’t think you’ll have any problems! 🙂

Robbie Allen says...

Thanks Beehive, the information is really really helpful. Your advice about thieves in the Termini is a reminder that things (both great and not so great) change little in the “eternal city”. In my 20’s in the 1980’s I arrived at the Termini seriously jet lagged and within minutes had my wallet and travelers cheques miraculously removed from my jacket. But nevertheless what a fantastic city. Cheers Robbie

Barbara says...

Hi – How does that green ticket validation machine work???

Linda says...

Hi Barbara, there is a slot in the front of the machine where you put one end of your ticket and it stamps it.

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