We offer breakfast daily from 7:30-10:30am. You won’t find instant coffee, watered down orange juice and limp white bread toast here. While we charge for breakfast, what you get is made to order by one of our breakfast chefs using organic ingredients. We host Tuesday Teatime, Wine & Cheese Wednesday and Thursday family style dinners. Cooking classes with Beehive owner Steve or other chefs can also be arranged. Check our offsite guest rooms Acacia and Clover, if you want to have access to a kitchen. See our breakfast menu.
Adjacent to the café is The Beehive's lounge. Free internet on our guest iPad and free WiFi network make it a cozy place to relax, listen to music, check your e-mail, read or work on your travel plans.
Drinks from our cafe are available all day so head outside with a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy conversation in our green & peaceful garden. Or simply sit quietly underneath our banyan tree and experience a respite from the chaos of Rome.