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From Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) Airport (by bus or train):
1. Outside the airport are numerous shuttle/pullman buses such as Terravision or SitBus. Tickets cost approx. €4 each way. More information can be found at and
2. If you prefer to take the train, once you exit baggage claim and customs, follow signs to trains. Buy a ticket at the platform near the trains, the easiest way is by using the self-service machines which accept credit cards as well as cash, in euro. These machines are multi-lingual. Tickets cost €14. Be sure to validate your tickets at the machines located at the beginning of the platform or you risk being given a fine - not the best way to start your Roman holiday.
3. The airport train (Leonardo Express) departs every :08 and :38 minutes past the hour with the last train from the airport being at 11:38pm (23:38). Board the Leonardo Express heading toward Termini station (Stazione Termini) and get off at final stop (Termini). It is about a 30 minute journey from the airport to Termini and there are no other stops.
4. The train usually arrives at Track 24 (this is subject to change at the whim of Trenitalia). Upon exiting the train, walk down the platform towards the main gallery (where retails shops, newstands, etc are located) - do not take any other exits or steps or escalators. It will be a few minutes walk from Track 24 to the main exit you need.
5. With the train tracks behind you, take the main exit to your right and once you reach there, cross the street. With Termini behind you, that street is via Marghera - our street. We are located a straight shot from that exit, just 2 blocks away on the corner of via dei Mille and via Marghera at via Marghera, 8 on the left side of the street. Please note that the numbers on our side of the street do not correspond with the numbers on the other side of the street.
6. On the corner of via dei Mille and via Marghera, there is a yellow wall and a silver door on the via Marghera side of the wall. You must ring at the buzzer on the right hand side of the door to be let in.
7. Please note that The Beehive's sign is not very big and sits flush against the wall so does not stick out on the side - the sign is about 20 x 30cm (8 x 12in). It has a white background with dark blue and yellow lettering. It is located underneath the #8. There is a light that shines on it at night.
8. For detailed information including photographs on how to reach us from Termini train station, please take a look at this post from our blog at:

From Ciampino Airport (by shuttle bus - no train service):
1. There is no train from this airport to Rome's center. At Ciampino airport are numerous shuttle/pullman buses such as Terravision or SitBus. Tickets generally cost €4 each way. More information can be found at and
2. The last stop on these buses is on the Via Marsala side of Termini train station.
3. Please follow directions starting at #5 above.

By Taxi:
1. Taxi service from Fiumicino and Ciampino airports to Rome's center is set at a flat rate of €48 from Fiumicino and €35 from Ciampino. If you would like a private airport pick-up, we do work with a car service that starts at €45 and depends on number of people and time of arrival. For more information, please send us an e-mail.

Walking from Termini Train Station (2 blocks, about a 5 minute walk from the exit of the station):
1. See instructions from Fiumicino airport by Train above.

By Car:
For a complete route map with tolls and approximate times, check or Please note that we do not have parking facilities. For information on nearby parking garages, please contact us by e-mail.