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During 2020's lockdowns and halt on world travel, our second business, Beehive Bagels, was born on 28 October 2020. 

We offer fresh, homemade bagels for purchase each morning starting from around 09:30 Monday-Thursday. If you want a specific flavor of bagel, you must order the day before. Bagels are €2/each and with butter, cream cheese and jam are €3/each.


Self-catering Kitchens

We have two kitchen spaces for guests' use - the larger kitchen in  our main area and a smaller kitchenette in our upstairs area. Both kitchens have refrigerator, stove-top, microwave, kettle & toaster. 

Courtyard Garden

Our own private walled oasis in the midst of bustling Rome. This is where we spend our social time and events in the warm weather months. Feel free to hang out in the shade of our banyan tree or get some sun in the cooler months. There's also a fountain where you can fill your water bottle. We do ask that in the late hours past 11pm/23:00 that guests who want to be outside keep their voices down and are mindful of our neighbors and those guests staying in the rooms facing the courtyard.


Living Room

Our small living room next to our main kitchen is set up with 2 comfy chairs, a small couch and and a desk & chair. It's a cozy indoor chill-out area where guests can work remotely, have a cup of tea, read a book or play one of our board games. Noise does travel from this area to our main floor so quiet hours are in place here as well starting around 11pm/23:00.

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