Bagels & Self-Catering Kitchens

During 2020's lockdowns and halt on world travel, our second business, Beehive Bagels, was born on 28 October 2020. 

One of the casualties of the pandemic was our breakfast service. We no longer offer breakfast service. We do offer fresh, homemade bagels each morning Monday-Thursday and frozen versions from that week that can be popped in the toaster on Friday-Sunday.You must order the day before if there's a particular flavour you want or you can choose from a selection in the morning. Bagels are €2/each and with butter, cream cheese and jam are €3/each.

We have kitchen space for guests use. Self-catering option is now available both in our main area and upstairs with refrigerator, stove-top, microwave, kettle & toaster. 

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes aren't on a regular schedule again yet, so ask at reception. Classes are usually Mon, Tue or Wed. 


Inexpensive, small group classes where you'll learn to make ravioli, tagliatelle and Roman-style pizza completely by hand. 

€35 for Beehive guests

€50 for non-guests

Family Style


At least once a week, Steve prepares homemade vegetarian dinners with a revolving and evolving menu based on what's in season. 

*€15 per person (wine & beer not included)

Online Content

Steve offers private and small group online cooking classes, tutorials and inspiration from our Italian kitchen! Check out @thebeehiverome IGTV for our cooking videos and @beehivebagels for our bagel content. Contact Steve at for information or to sign up for a class.